Ways to prepare your wedding ceremony

Our service in your marriage ceremony mainly consists of 4 parts:

pre-wedding consultation

Pre-wedding Consultation

We will get in touch with you directly to understand your needs and preference to help you create a memorable marriage ceremony.

A useful tip:

After booking the wedding venue, you should confirm the appointment of a civil celebrant especially if your wedding will be on a popular day.

document preparation

Document Preparation

While your wedding day is approaching, our civil celebrant will meet you and your significant other in person to brief you on the legal process and prepare/submit the Notice of Intended Marriage on your behalf.

Friendly reminder:

We will submit the Notice 1-3 months in advance of your wedding day so you would not need to go to the Marriage Registry in person.

ceremony preparation

Ceremony Preparation

After getting all necessary documents ready, we will give you a call to go through the rundown of the ceremony and confirm the details on your Marriage Certificate.

Friendly reminder:

This call will usually take place around a week before your wedding day, during which we will also remind you of the to-do-list for your big day.

marriage celebration

Marriage Celebration

Our designated civil celebrant will arrive the venue early on the day to finalise the rundown with the emcee. The Certificate of Marriage will be presented to the couple after the ceremony.

Friendly reminder:

Our civil celebrant will allow buffer for reasonable delay, however we hope that each ceremony can start promptly to avoid delay to the next appointment.

All our experienced civil celebrants, who are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, can plan with you to create a personalised marriage ceremony of your dreams. 

In addition to our professional customer and on the site celebrant services, we can also provide quill pen, pen stand and ring pillow for photo-taking on the day.